Reality Bits: Network Sluttery Edition

Apologies to anyone who’s noticed my absence. I am currently on set and it’s slightly harder to ponder the malignant entity called Reality TV when you have a cast member threatening to bust open your head.

Onwards and downwards…

1) The Donald Trump Show Finds a Cast (Finally!)

Donald Trump has been branded the Reality candidate for the GOP nomination. What makes Trump good Reality Talent is that he knows how to create a soundbite. When we’re editing shows with people like Trump they make it easy for us in edit because we get to pick and choose between provocative sound bites and then play them against a stunned or angry or upset reaction shot from someone else in the cast.

However, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, the GOP nomination race has yet to “rise” to a level of a Reality show because the other robots running aren’t giving him any reactions to work with. Besides, let’s face it, Trump is simply the pimple on top of the festering Republican sore. However, it seems that the TV news media has proven willing to step in.

Reporters (television, but also online and so-called print for that matter) are filling in the role of the horrified or thrilled recipients of his blather. And much like Reality cast members they spend an undue amount of time having discussions about the meaning of his latest offense/genius. In Reality we call those “fallout scenes” and they tend to happen in fancy bars/restaurants. The only difference here is the fallout scenes happen on news sets.

CNN is The Scandalized Innocent!
FOX is The Enabler!
Lindsay Graham is Once a Bestie, Now a Backstabber!

So I stand corrected, the GOP nomination is a Reality show attempting to pass itself off as news. The amplification of his fuckery doesn’t strike me as news.

2) Emotional Anchors

The fact is, there isn’t much different between Reality TV and the television news these days. In fact, I was struck during the coverage of the Paris attacks at the number of CNN reporters who were obviously faking sadness/tears about the events. Clearly they have been given direction from on high that emotion sells. Who knows, it may, I’m not a good sample audience.

I find this stuff infuriating because while genuine emotional moments (Cronkite crying upon learning of Kennedy’s death and Jon Stewart being overcome after 9/11, come to mind) make for powerful television, fake emotion is just shite and offensive to my intelligence as a viewer, not to mention a Reality producer – fake tears are the absolute worst when you’re in edit.

3) Digging the Duggars and The Benefits of a Police Shooting

TLC, as has been discussed before, has never encountered a molestation scandal that they don’t view ripe fodder for ratings. The first part of TLC’s special on Josh Duggar’s sisters Jill and Jessa, who were also his molestation victims, airs December 13. I would provide a link, but fuck TLC I’m not promoting them. Instead I give you this.

The leadup to Jill & Jessa: Counting On has been an interview on Good Morning America with Josh’s long-suffering wife Anna, as well as appearances of the two sisters. Blech. Naturally, TLC’s numbers for this dreck will be through the roof.

The ends to which networks will go to mine controversy in the name of numbers is ever expanding. I recently heard tell of a show where the network seized upon the controversy over the police shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago as a great “opportunity” (and I quote) for one of their shows.

Pardon me, but after this post I need to take several showers.


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