Ruminations on The Learning Channel

With Jill & Jessa: Counting On TLC is sending a heartfelt message to survivors of abuse: abuse sucks but, hey, someday you and your [abuse enabling] family can monetize that trauma!

Wow, remember when TLC stood for The Learning channel? Look for learning now and find

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.16.06 PM
OK, fine, I clicked on casting…

Oh, TLC, do those of us who value education a favor: don’t call yourself The Learning Channel.

Unless, of course, you’re proposing to teach just how fucked up and dysfunctional a family can be while still professing to be Christian role models, and/or just how cynical and full of shit a channel can be while still professing to be The Learning Channel.

As previously discussed, TLC has been as transparent and sticky as the cellophane on a porno mag when it comes to the Duggars. First they waited three months for the Josh outrage to die down. Then they deployed an abuse special as part of a longer term strategy: use the victims of the abuse (Jill and Jessa) as cover while surreptitiously ushering radioactive mom and pop Duggar back onto the air.

These machinations might be entertaining if they weren’t so fucking repellent.

However, TLC’s behavior isn’t really all that shocking. Even those of us in the industry sometimes forget that the programming we create is merely a framework for advertising. The bigger your audience for your programming — and the Duggar clan has a dedicated audience that has come back again much like a rash — the bigger your potential ad sales.

A year ago it was possible to shame advertisers into steering away from all things Duggar, but now?

The folks who ate this crap up are back, as ready to buy shit as always, and are a decent-sized target for advertisers. We — those of us who have a problem with covering up abuse and/or the Duggar’s brand of Christianity — weren’t the target audience in the first place, so why should advertisers concern themselves with what we think?

Well, for branding reasons, if nothing else. Who wants to be known as the brand that supports paedophiles and their enablers? So, let’s take a good look at who’s advertising on Jill & Jessa: Counting On and let them know our thoughts. In fact, doing so may even be a service, since some of these brands claim to be unaware that their ads have been slotted into a Duggar’s show. This claim of ignorance is actually quite plausible: some advertisers simply buy time and don’t necessarily know where their spots are being placed. They can, though, request that their spots not be placed on specific shows, especially if helpful consumers like us let them know our thoughts on the matter.

Here’s a comprehensive list of just who is (or isn’t) advertising in Duggarville.

Go to town.


BTW the Duggar family seemed to have had no problem with Josh when he was just a child abuser. Apparently, though, they draw the line at the (to my mind much more forgivable) sins of watching porn and hiring sex workers. NOW they don’t want him around children?

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