Kim Fields is Too Nice for “Real Housewives”

Sweets for the Sweet

Kim Fields (always Tootie to me) is finding Dancing With the Stars to be a much better fit than Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Per Page Six:

“An insider tells Page Six the “Living Single” alumna, 46, was mistreated on the Georgia-based show and that she’s thrilled with ABC’s red-carpet service.

“They treated her awful. Once she got a taste of how one should be treated, and that would be how ABC is treating her, she’s like, ‘Screw this s–t, man!’” the insider explained. “She’s very happy on ‘Dancing,’ doing well.””

As a rule it’s always easier on a show like Dancing With the Stars, a variety-type show, than it is on a Docu-Soap, Atlanta’s genre. Frequently, on Docu-Soaps we shoot up to twice as much as what we need, which also means twice as much work for the cast.

In Mid-March Fields announced that she quit the show. That may be the official version, but the scoop I got from my insider on Atlanta is that Fields probably wouldn’t have been invited back anyway: she was simply too nice and down to earth for the show.

Not that that’s hard or anything, but I’d take it as a compliment if I were her.

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