Reality Bits: A Hard Knock Life for Kendall Jenner and The LA Rams


It’s a hard knock life for poor little Kendall Jenner. She had to fight her way through a hopelessly entitled childhood, and then she had to fight through the modeling industry, all the while weighed down with that darn Kardashian name.

At least that’s what Kim K is claiming, in a recent Vogue profile of her sister, saying,  “I think being a Kardashian worked against her.” And yet, despite all this, Kendall has landed the coveted cover of Vogue‘s September issue. (Sister Kim has landed the cover of the fashion bible herself a time or two, despite the limitations of her last name.)

BTW our fashion insider tells us that Kendall’s success is pretty much entirely due to her connection with the show saying, “She’s attractive, but not in the way a model is really.”

Oh, and somehow Kylie also made it into the issue. To quote my contact again, “messy.”


Hard Knocks

Speaking of Hard Knocks, the show has returned to HBO and I’m writing about it here because it feels so much more like a reality show than it used to. In my opinion, previous outings of the show have felt far more documentary.

This time around the show follows the Los Angeles Rams’ training camp. I don’t know whether the players are being more selective about what parts of their life they’re willing to share, or to what degree the NFL is limiting access to storylines that don’t jibe with their brand, but things are seeming a whole lot more produced than usual. Cases in point:

  • A bunch of rookies randomly going for a ride on a Goodyear blimp;
  • Guards Rodger Saffold and Jamon Brown “working out” at Venice Beach – rather than in the privacy of a nice air conditioned gym;
  • Rookie defensive backs Mike Jordan, Brian Randolph and Rohan Gaines just so happening to hit the beach at the same time as a world famous body surfer (whose name I missed);

The best moments, however, remain bona fide verite bits including, well, the competition for spots on the team, head coach Eric Fisher and an assistant trying to chase away a bee, and rookie quarterback Jared Goff sincerely seeking pointers from fellow QB Chase Keenum on how to meet Taylor Swift!

Let’s pray for more moments like these moving forward!



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