Katrina Pierson: Trump Spokeswoman or Reality Ingenue?

What the hell is Katrina Pierson up to and why do I get the feeling she’s auditioning for some role on a reality show in the not too distant future?


For the uninitiated: Pierson is a Spokeswoman for the Trump campaign who …

For all of the above (and a whole lot more) Pierson’s become a popular Twitter target (#KatrinaPiersonHistory); and the subject of headlines like “Hey, Katrina Pierson, When It Comes to Utter Stupidity That’s Donald Trump’s Job!”

Rather than take offense, Katrina seems to love the attention she gets on Twitter, most recently taking the following diss from Chrissy Teigen…

… either as a compliment or an opportunity to reiterate her sunny nature …

I suspect simply being noticed by Teigen probably made Pierson’s day.

A glance at her history, summarized in this Politico article, indicates that Pierson, a Tea Party activist who supported Cruz for senate and president, has always had a yen for the spotlight. Apparently when Cruz won his senate campaign, she annoyed fellow campaign members by jostling behind him as he gave his victory speech, in an effort to get on camera. Based on the video I located of that speech, she was unsuccessful…

… but to quote my current editor, about a different yet equally thirsty Talent, “Bless her for trying.”

The question is: Why, even as incompetent a campaign as Trump’s is, would they employ the services of a Spokeswoman more skilled at starting fires than putting them out. My theory is that Trump, who is no doubt riding this candidacy to promote a future Trump TV, has a role for her in that venture: either as an idiot pundit or, if he goes that route, as Talent on a reality show. Because when it comes to the Dumb but Sunny archetype, Pierson has it nailed.

BTWs if you want more info about Pierson, take a look at this hilariously anti-Tea Party pearl-clutching piece from the National Review.


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