Calling All Apprentice Producers and Editors

Apologies to regular readers for the fall off in posting, but I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip to Ireland. Folks who want to keep up with me in realtime can check me out on Instagram. But now, this…


(Artwork by Illma Gore)

[::CORRECTION:: I previously, and erroneously, referred to Mark Burnett as a Trump supporter when he is, in fact, a lifelong Democrat (this is what I get for citing The New York Post). Moreover, Burnett has recently been highly critical of Trump (which is pretty impressive given how much he might have invested in maintaining a relationship with proven (“Talent”). I have thus removed all references to Burnett in this piece.]


As the election burps and farts its way to its conclusion, more and more women are coming forward with allegations of being assaulted by Trump. There are also reports of a reel of Trump’s sexist and racist going ons on the set of The Apprentice. According to The New York Post …

Producers of “The Apprentice,” the reality show Donald Trump hosted for more than 10 years, are sitting on bombshell footage of the GOP nominee using the N-word, an Emmy-award winning producer claimed Sunday.

That such a reel exists is without question. Editors and producers in post see and hear everything that is said over the course of filming. They are also easily bored and frequently horrified by the behavior of Talent on their shows and, given that they’re creative folks, inclined to express their repugnance by making art out of it.

Thus it is not unusual to be stopped in the hall as you return from your fifth coffee run of the day, and dragged into an edit to watch and crow with the rest of your co-workers the most recent joke reel some enterprising editor has created out of footage of the asshat Talent on your show.

Based on what I’ve heard from people who worked on The Apprentice, I suspect there are probably as many reels of Trumps disgusting behavior as there are seasons with him in it.

The trouble is that anyone leaking that footage would immediately be in violation of their Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and subject to a 5 million dollar fine.

The footage apparently belongs to M.G.M. and …

… a person familiar with Mr. Trump’s “Apprentice” contract, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe confidential terms, said M.G.M. would have to obtain Mr. Trump’s permission before releasing unaired footage of him from the show, part of a clause granting Mr. Trump control over the use of his name and likeness.

What to do, what to do?

Well, in terms of the NDA, there is apparently at least one Clinton donor willing to pay the 5 million dollar fine for anyone who releases the footage and a GoFundMe page has been started to raise money for the fine as well. So there’s that.

But I appreciate that breaking an NDA makes one somewhat poisonous in the industry. However, I have never worked on The Apprentice, and thus am not bound by an NDA in relation to it. So if anyone out there with such a reel wants to hit me up, I would be delighted to act as a go between get it to the right folks (because I do happen to know them) while keeping my source anonymous. And I don’t happen to give a shit about my reputation among the folks who run this industry.

Look, as reality producers and editors we made this man famous enough to seriously contend for the Presidency. It seems fitting, therefore, that we should deliver the coup de grace.





6 thoughts on “Calling All Apprentice Producers and Editors

  1. Just a few corrections:

    Burnett is not a political supporter of Trump. How do I know?
    1). Burnett is a known Democrat and has famously supported Democrats and Democratic issues in the past.
    2). Burnett is not insane.

    There have been no threats made against anyone regarding NDA’s. No doubt due in part to the fact that these NDA’s have time limits. Some are valid only for 5 years, some 7 and the most I’ve heard about are 10. The original Apprentice ended in 2006.


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