This Time It’s Urgent: Release the Apprentice Footage


Dear Apprentice Editors and Producers:

I know you. You are the unsung heroes of reality TV. The editors. The Post Producers. The people who make sense of the babble sent back by the field. I’ve been on either side of the equation: so I know how smart you are. And how frustrating the lack of respect with which you are regarded by the rest of the industry (not to mention the press who constantly yammer on about the “bad editing” in reality and those narrative editors who would piss themselves and run away screaming from the kind of shit you deal with on a good day).

I also know that you are intelligent enough to understand what a disaster Trump would be for this country. So I’m going to dispense with appealing to your self-interest, by stressing that the price of breaking your NDA will be covered should you leak damaging apprentice footage, or that you can make good bank doing so.

I’m appealing to your sense of what is just. We (in Reality) spend a lot of time and effort making some pretty despicable people look good. This fact has often weighed quite heavily on me. And it isn’t a stretch to say that had we not previously made this blithering idiot seem a coherent, successful, businessman, he would not be in the position to assume leadership of the most powerful country in the world.

And it’s not just him. As Trump’s son so blithely pointed out, the Vice President will be running the country. Remember how well that turned out last time? And Pence makes Cheney look like Little Bo Peep.

The Weiner e-mails are a game-changer. We all know it. If you aren’t afraid already, you should be.

So now’s the time to release those outtakes you have of Trump being Trump. Do it for your kids. Do it for other peoples’ kids. Do it for the Muslim community. Do it for the Latino community. Do it for the immigrant community. Do it for the LGBTQ community. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Yours in solidarity,



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