Did Trump Screw Himself By Dissing The Apprentice?


Friday morning Donald Trump, or “little Donnie” as the residents of Trump Towers in Coney Island called the chubby child who accompanied his father on building visits, revealed one of his more surprising priorities: celebrating bad ratings on a show that he Executive Produces (theoretically).

Per Business Insider …

For adults under the age of 50, the demographic TV advertisers desire most, the show earned a 1.3 rating. The Trump-hosted season-seven premiere in January 2015 was watched by 6.8 million viewers and earned a 2.4 rating among the advertiser demographic.

For what it’s worth, Schwartzenegger responded in the same manner as most everyone else has who’s been targeted by the Giant Cheeto has, by gently suggesting Trump focus on, you know, his upcoming Presidency (vom)…

Reactions have varied. Many in the media have pointed out that while ratings for Trump’s first season of the show were excellent averaging around 21 million an episode.

… from there on out, audience numbers steadily declined. By the third season, The Apprentice slipped to around 14 million viewers per episode. Per The Daily Beast

Others have pointed out that television ratings have generally been on the decline (because of streaming, duh), and Reality in particular has seen rapid audience decline since 2012 (this excellent article from Vox has some great insights into what exactly ails the industry).

Generally, however, there is a fair amount of mockery in the media over the fact that in Donnie’s efforts to be all that he’s actually injuring a show that, as an Executive Producer, one would think he has a vested interest in seeing succeed.

This betrays a certain naiveté about what celebrity Executive Producers do on shows like these (or most movie for that matter). Generally they have little to no creative input into the show and they take the credit because it usually generates some kind of fee. While Trump doubtlessly does get some kind of fee per episode of the show, probably somewhere between $50,000 and $150,000, it’s chump change compared to what he can get whoring out the Oval Office. So I imagine he figures losing that kind of income (if the show got cancelled for instance) is well-worth the ego boost he seems to get from these infantile tweets.

In the meantime, on the subject of prostitution, here’s a link to the much-discussed Buzzfeed article with the embedded Trump dossier that the lamestream media have their panties in a twist about.

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