Update: Hoo Boy, Bravo Is in Trouble!

Is Andy smiling? Or just grimacing from perma-sphincter clench?


Bravo has long been the repository for programming for women between the ages of 18 and 45. The trouble is, as Reality continues to plummet ratings-wise, the only area of growth seems to be, wait for it, MEN’S programming. That’s right, all those shows dedicated to swimming with sharks, or putting together a dirt bike from spare parts, and so on (think Discovery, NatGeo, etc) have a much larger audience. These are, as a result, shows currently being picked up.

It should come as no surprise that the following was overheard at a Bravo screening of one of those docusoaps the broadcaster is famous for. While watching a scene featuring the male cast members, the female Bravo Broadcast Exec turned to the editor (AKA the only guy in the room) and asked him:

What do you think of these guys, do they talk the way guys do?

At a loss for words the editor sputtered: ah, yeah, sure.

She followed up asking:

Would you watch this show?

He said yes. [Needless to say he wouldn’t watch a docusoap if he were strapped down in front of one with his eyes taped open.]

Oh, Bravo, if you want the straight male audience you’re gonna have to do some major rebranding. ‘Cause based on my (admittedly somewhat limited) research no straight man is gonna contentedly sit down to docusoap.

Perhaps instead of trying to lure men with singularly unmanly programming, perhaps you should consider dumping all the Housewives (Housewives of New Jersey was only begrudgingly renewed, and then only if the production company was willing to jettison the previous Executive Producer) and actually create, you know, refreshing fare that will attract back your dwindling female audience and, hey, perhaps some of the guys to.


Check out the new logo the broadcaster has just created to attract male viewers with…


What do you say boys? Are you feeling it?

3 thoughts on “Update: Hoo Boy, Bravo Is in Trouble!

  1. I believe Million Dollar Listing NY had high numbers for men the first 2 or 3 seasons. They dipped when MDL stopped focusing on Real Estate Process and started to focus on wedding plans and babies. Men like process “How to pitch apartments” “How to stage apartments” etc etc. If Bravo wants men I think they’d have to refocus their shows.


    1. Yeah, and not make all of them docusoaps. The show in question was a docusoap. No matter how many scenes with men they have, it’s doubtful that it’s gonna attract a straight male audience.


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