REALITY BITS: Duggar/Trump Edition

Apologies to (any) readers of this blog for my absence. I have been a tad mesmerized watching the Giant Orange Cheeto taking a shit on the US Constitution (this is honestly the simplest summary of the past three months I can come up with).

As I have indicated, before I have THOUGHTS about the role Reality played in all this and I’m actively developing more. It’s all just a bit much to tackle quickly.

In the meantime … 



Those of you familiar with this blog are similarly acquainted with Josh Duggar’s child-molesting and womanizing ways.

On Thursday Stargasm reported

Duggar sisters Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo and Joy-Anna Duggar have filed a lawsuit because of information released to In Touch magazine in regards to the Josh Duggar molestation scandal. […] In Touch had filed a Freedom of Information Act request in 2015 to obtain police files stemming from the 2006 investigation by police. The […] Duggar sisters argue that under Arkansas law, In Touch should have never been provided details regarding information that pertains to sexual misconduct involving children. […] In all, the four sisters are suing the police, the city, the county and In Touch for damages.

Now the names of victims of sexual assault should never be made public, period. The thing is, In Touch didn’t publish the sister’s names. The sisters outed themselves in an interview with Megyn Kelly for “The Kelly Files.”

So, in that case it’s kind of hard to understand who was damaged other than their brother Josh, who had to resign his position at (barf) The Family Research Council, and their parents, who lost their television show.

As The Huffington Post puts it

The Duggars are suing everyone, except their brother Josh or their parents, who never went to the police themselves and didn’t seek any help for Josh until the third time he confessed his behavior to them.


Speaking of his Bigliness, it’s a sad day when I’m forced to confess that in this video Melania (for once) speaks for all of us …

Apparently Emperor Baby Fists is missing his naptime — what with all this traveling presidentery which is hard even for adult politicians – so I’m sure he’ll serve up a heaping spoonful of act-outy-ness right about the time he hits his meeting with NATO. Yay.

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