Only in Reality… Cast Wranglers

Welcome to Only in Reality… a series in which I explore the events, philosophies and positions that only exist or occur in Reality TV.In today’s edition we look at the crew position known as the Cast Wrangler.  Now, Cast Wranglers do pretty much what their title implies: they wrangle the cast. So, in any scenario, a […]

Fear and Loathing in Reality TV: Development Edition

“Fear is the mind-killer.” George Herbert, Dune.  “Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasure.” Rainer Maria Rilke. After the attacks in Paris, Beirut, Bamaco, Tunis (and counting), there’s a fair amount of fear around these days. Fear can be handy if you’re a politician. George Bush used it to motivate a war against Iraq, […]

Project Greenlight, Matt Damon and the Myth of the Visionary Director

Fuck Matt Damon.  No, seriously, fuck this dude.  Because of his mansplaining (or #Damonsplaining) of diversity to a Black woman, I felt obligated to watch Project Greenlight.  And I hate Project Greenlight. Particularly because it relies on that most problematic of Archetypes, the Visionary Director (AKA Auteur).Take the following incident from season one, episode six of the […]

Reality’s Josh Duggar Problem

Well, the Ashley Madison leak happened and in short order Josh Duggar was exposed as having two accounts on the site as well as an OK Cupid profile.  Needless to say, this is delightful to those of us who dislike everything famille Duggar stands for, especially given earlier revelations about Josh, the incestuous paedophile (ineptly covered […]