Only in Reality… Cast Wranglers

Welcome to Only in Reality… a series in which I explore the events, philosophies and positions that only exist or occur in Reality TV.In today’s edition we look at the crew position known as the Cast Wrangler.  Now, Cast Wranglers do pretty much what their title implies: they wrangle the cast. So, in any scenario, a […]

UnREAL: Episode 10

“You’re a manipulating slut!”  Castmember Grace to Rachel. Yes, Rachel is a manipulating slut, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  I much prefer the manipulative slut to the whiner.  Finally, Rachel’s embracing her Don Draper.  I also love the fact that they have allowed the Quinn-Rachel relationship to flourish. The show deserves all […]

UnREAL: Episode 9

I’ve been growing tired of only hearing my voice here, so I’m changing things up a bit today by inviting my good friend, and former Reality cohort Paola Limon (also a big fan of UnREAL) in to discuss her experiences in the industry she fled and her feeling about UnREAL. Ordinarily (say if this was […]

UnREAL: Episode 8

SPOILER ALERT!!Uh-oh, Rachel done crossed the line! In Episode 8 of UnREAL Rachel finally fucks bachelor Adam.  The show’s been hinting at this happening for a while, and using her on-again flirtation with/fucking of DP Jeremy to distract us.  But now it’s happened and, for those not in the know, this is something we in […]

UnREAL: Episode 7

Episode 7 of UnREAL deals with the fallout from cast member Mary’s on-set suicide. The story line initially bugged me because it didn’t seem believable. The only suicide I could recall was that of Sinisa Savija, who appeared on the first version of Survivor, a Swedish show called Expedition Robinson. His suicide provoked such a scandal […]

UnREAL: Episode 6

On episode six of UnREAL, Rachel invites the abusive ex of cast member Mary to spice up the date she and her child are having with bachelor Adam.  Things go (predictably) south when the ex becomes violent, tries to attack Adam, and, ultimately, has to be held down by Rachel’s ex, Jeremy the DP, and […]